Product Roundup: The Best New Products of 2017

1. Kosås Cosmetics | Color & Light Palettes: these blush (or bronzer) and highlighter duos are incredible! They are come in both Pressed or Creme versions and the blushes are superpigmented and universally flattering. Of the two versions, I love the Creme ones the most as they are so lightweight and silky. My personal favorites are ‘Tropic Equinox’ and ‘Velvet Melon.’ I bet you can’t get just one! ($34)

2. Henné Organics | Luxury Lip Tints: I was already a huge fan of Henné’s Luxury Lip Balms and then they came out with these Lip Tints! They come in four fun colors and are just as moisturizing as the untinted version. They’re buildable so you can choose to wear them sheer for a flush of color or in more layers for a more opaque look! ($21)

3. Earthwise Beauty | Tigress Face Balm*: If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that Earthwise Beauty is one of my favorite brands. They recently released ‘Tigress’ as their first face balm and I love that it’s geared towards acne-prone skin. It soothes, calms, and heals compromised / inflamed skin while keeping it nourished. It has a unique spicy-tropical scent which I find so addictive. ($100)

Earthwise Beauty | Ruby Facial Oil*: I’ve literally gone through bottles of this face oil at lightning speed. It is one of my absolute favorite face oils, ever! It’s extremely lightweight, hydrating, and has a luscious tropical-guava scent. Every time I use it, I can’t help but to breathe in its beautiful scent, and imagine myself being on a tropical beach far far away. ($100)

(*The promo code “ecochicbeauty” saves you 15% off your order at Earthwise Beauty.)

4. AMBAR | Micellar Cleansing Essence: AMBAR is a total game changer and is what I call a cleaner, greener Glossier (more on AMBAR in another post). The Micellar Cleansing Essence is a delightfully fun, millenial-pink color and smells of apple and rose. I love how gentle it is and that it cleanses, tones, and hydrates all in one fell swoop. ($59)

AMBAR | Daily Antioxidant Primer: Another brilliant multi-tasker, this is a powerful skin protectant, moisturizer, and skin primer in one. Lightweight and silky in texture, it sinks in beautifully to reveal smooth and perfectly primed skin, ready for makeup. It’s so velvety that you’d think that there are silicones in the formula, but there’s not. Prepare to be amazed! ($72)

5. Siam Seas | Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner: How can I not like a product that is named after me? Just kidding! This toner / serum hybrid quenches skin with the combination of aloe vera and botanical water and helps reset skin balance after cleansing. It also preps skin to allow for maximum nutrient absorption during the moisturizing step and has a refreshing cucumber scent. ($50)

6. Plume | Nourish & Define Brow Pomade: A brow wax that promotes brow hair growth? Yes, please! After years of overplucking my eye brows, my brows need all the help they can get! The Brow Pomade is available in five smudge-proof shades and even comes with a high-quality double-ended angled brush and spoolie. Filling in eye brows has never been so easy or chic! ($38)

7. 5Yina | Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser: Another favorite brand of mine, 5Yina recently released an ultra-balancing “all seasons” cleanser. It’s milky in texture and cleanses wonderfully while preserving the skin’s pH and moisture levels. The cleanser is formulated with many impressive ingredients to include pearl powder, which gently exfoliates and leaves the skin baby soft. ($38)

8. AYUNA | Cream II: This Spanish brand debuted at IBE LA earlier this year and has since taken the green beauty world by storm. I love their “less is more” mantra, as well as, their luxurious skin treats. Their Cream II is a medium-weight face cream and has the most delicious fruity scent. The face cream is both rejuvenating and regenerating and leaves my skin bouncy, supple, radiant, and happy. ($198)

AYUNA | Balm: What AYUNA calls their “Balm” is actually a detoxifying mask, rich in volcanic glass and active carbon. Glossy and black in color, the mask has a thick pudding-like texture, and possesses AYUNA’s signature delectable fruity scent. The Balm gently draws out impurities while leaving the skin hydrated and tight. ($130)

9. Votary | Intense Night Oil: Hailing from the U.K., this Night Oil includes a powerful blend of plant oils and retinoid is like pure magic. It literally transforms your skin overnight, giving you smoother, plumper, more youthful-looking skin. I guarantee you’ll look and feel like a million bucks! I seriously can’t get enough of this gorgeous oil! ($196)

10. Maya Chia | The Eye Achiever: Multi-correctional and highly-concentrated, this eye serum is quickly achieving “cult” status. It was created specifically to treat the delicate skin around the eye area by delivering potent, nutrient-dense marine extracts and plant oils to revitalize and firm up the eye area. The roller ball feels so cooling around the eye area and depuffs, while helping the serum penetrate deeply. ($70)

11. African Botanics | Fleurs d’Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream: African Botanics introduced some incredible products this year, and this face cream was one of them. The Intensive Recovery Cream is quite possibly one of the best face creams I’ve ever tried. It’s luxurious, decadent, and delivers fantastic results. I won’t go into too much detail here as I just posted a review of it — you can read my review of the Cream here. ($350)

African Botanics | Nutritive Molecule Serum Advanced Antioxidant + Vit C: This is one of the best serums of the year and easily the best Vitamin C serum I’ve ever tried — yes, it’s that good! The Serum is comprised of a concoction of potent antioxidants and botanical peptides to help protect and rejuvenate the skin. The skin looks brighter and more even-toned. It has a lightweight gel-like texture and is a fun orange hue. ($250)

African Botanics | Rose Treatment Essence: Not an “essence” in the traditional K-Beauty sense, African Botanics’ Rose Treatment Essence is a lovely hydrating serum with the most gorgeous rose scent. This lightweight gel melts into a liquid instantly upon contact and sinks in quickly to help hydrate, nourish, rebalance pH levels, and shrink pores. I’ve been reaching for this a lot this Fall and Winter — I don’t think I can be without it! ($160)

12. Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique | Soothing B3 Serum: When these two ladies get together to create a collection, you know it’s going to be something special. I’ve tried nearly their whole collection (with the exception of the Micronutrient + Hydro Mask — that’s next on my list), and each of their products are both exceptional and effective. Since the products don’t include any fragrances or essential oils, the scents takes some getting used to, but the results make up for it in the end. The Soothing B3 Serum contains niacinamide to calm inflammation, reduce redness and hyperpigmentation (from blemishes), and helps keep acne at bay. ($90)

Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique | Intensive Repair Serum: Another standout, this gel serum addresses breakouts, specifically of the adult acne variety. It helps regulate sebum production to prevent further breakouts, clear up congestion, and refines skin texture. Love! ($90)

13. ILIA | Satin Cream Lip Crayons: ILIA took their original Lip Crayons and made them even better! These new and improved Satin Cream Lip Crayons are truly amazing. They’re highly-pigmented, creamy, buildable, and just downright gorgeous! It almost feels like you have nothing on and the staying power is incredible. It comes in six fun, flattering shades — ’99 Red Balloons’ and ‘Dress You Up’ are my personal favorites. ($24)

14. May Lindstrom | The Pendulum Potion: May’s highly-anticipated cleansing oil made its debut this Fall and was definitely worth the wait. Its antioxidant-rich formula cleanses so well, melting away all makeup and debris effortlessly, leaving the skin supersoft. The scent is sensual, nutty, and grounding — so quintessential “May” — just lovely. The cleansing oil is indulgent and decadent like the rest of her line and is a treat to use every time. ($80)

15. In Fiore | Transparence Botanical Water Concentré: I totally fell in love with Julie’s creations and the ‘Made in Japan’ line is what sealed the deal. The whole entire Japan collection is just incredible — I love its East-meets-West approach by infusing Chinese plant pharmacology with sophisticated, advanced science and technology. The Transparence Botanical Water Concentré is a lightweight toner, lotion, and serum in one that helps regenerate and restore the rhythm and balance of the skin. Best of all, it is superhydrating due to its unique “Micro Rich Oil Capsule” technology. ($130)

In Fiore | Raffermissant Fleur Essence Concentré: This highly-concentrated milky serum is moisturizing, and firms and plumps the skin wonderfully — all from within. It instantly lifts, tightens, and contours the face upon application. I swear it’s like a “face lift in a bottle!” ($125)

In Fiore | Source d’Éclat Eye Serum Concentré: In Fiore’s newest product launch, this might be the best eye serum I’ve ever tried. It’s extremely cooling and it possesses the same soothing “Micro Rich Oil Capsule” technology that’s in their Transparence Botanical Water Concentré. This technology allows the plant actives and polysaccharides to absorb water more than 1,000 times its own weight. Intensely-hydrating, the Eye Serum firms, smooths, and tightens like no other. When paired with the Veloutée Complexe, it’s like a match made in [eye treatment] heaven. ($125)

16. La Bella Figura | Barbary Fig Flower Hydrosol: This Hydrosol is simply-formulated with only two ingredients: Barbary Fig Flower Distillate and Orange Blossom Extract. The Hydrosol is super-refreshing and provides a boost of hydration and balance prior to applying your face serum or moisturizer. The light floral scent of the Barbary Fig Flower is absolutely divine, so spritz away! ($50)

La Bella Figura | The Clean Slate Cleansing Balm: This Cleansing Balm was originally featured in their Capsule Collection, but it became so popular that La Bella Figura decided to add it as part of their permanent collection. It has a butter-soft texture and a unique citrusy-coriander scent. The Cleansing Balm is super-concentrated and washes cleanly with water which makes cleansing a breeze. ($60).

17. Josh Rosebrook | Advanced Hydrating Mask: Josh released two new products this year that nearly broke the internet on their launch day. The Advanced Hydrating Mask’s two key ingredients, Aloe Vera and Indian Senna Seed (also dubbed “botanical hyaluronic acid”), helps lock in moisture, plumps, conditions, and improves skin circulation. The Mask is such a delight to use and has a gorgeous, calming scent. I also like to use it as a cleansing balm! ($65)

Josh Rosebrook | Vital Cream Balm: This Cream Balm is out of this world. It cleverly starts off as a balm but transforms into a luxurious, velvety cream. Like the Advanced Hydrating Mask, it includes Aloe Vera and Indian Senna Seed, which locks in moisture, provides hydration, and restores and repairs the skin. The über-calming blue tansy is the perfect finishing touch to the Cream Balm — pure bliss! ($85)

I hope you enjoyed reading my “Best New Products of 2017” list as much as much as I enjoyed putting it together. A couple more “Best of 2017” lists to come!

–xo, Yenny


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