Green Beauty Spotlight: Shahrzad of The Spot Beauty

I’m so excited to feature the beautiful Shahrzad, the Sydney-based lifestyle and eco-luxe beauty blogger, behind The Spot Beauty on my blog! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Shah in New York City last Fall and she is just as amazing, gorgeous, and fun as she appears on Instagram! It was almost as if we were long lost friends and hit it off immediately! We met up for yummy brunch at Quartino, and spent the rest of the day exploring the city, and shopping at stores like Sézane and Glossier. I wished we lived closer so we could hang out more! She’s the real deal!

Shah is the epitome of a green beauty and also a fabulous jetsetter, I might add! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’d love to trade places with her for a day! I mean, wouldn’t you?! I thought it would be fun to take a glimpse into Shah’s life by asking her some fun questions on green beauty and her travels. Read on for the interview!

1. I never leave home without …

I never leave home without my keys and lipgloss!

2. What is your typical AM / PM beauty routine? 

My typical AM routine starts with a  gel based cleanser, powdered exfoliant, face mist and a face oil. If I have time I also add a serum and moisturiser but it also depends on the weather and how my skin is feeling.

In the PM I love indulging my skin with a double cleanse, a face mask and depending on my skins needs, I may use a nourishing face balm, a serum and finish it off with a few drops of a face oil and an eye cream.

3. Where is your favorite place to travel? What products do you usually bring with you?

I definitely love to travel, it’s hard to pick one spot but if I had to pick a destination that I love visiting it has to be the Island of Mallorca. I absolutely love this Spanish island and I have a special connection as I got married there.

Whenever I travel to Mallorca I pack sunscreen (the sun is very very hot), a moisturising body oil, aloe vera, face oils, face cream and a few different face masks. Travel wreaks havoc on my skin so I find using masks and a hydrating face cream or face oil can help balance my skin during my travels.

4. What are the best beauty discoveries on your travels?

That’s one of my favourite parts of traveling discovering new beauty brands, products and ingredients. I think my most fascinating discovery was in Tokyo, Japan. I was in a store that had the most craziest, unique and non invasive hand held tools I’ve ever seen. It was so hilarious because these tools all seemed so gimmicky but were taken very seriously.

5. What are your must-have “desert island” brands / products?

My must have desert island product would have to be a face mask and a face oil. I mask at least three times a week. Oh and tweezers to keep my brows in shape.

6. What is your favorite / go-to makeup look? 

My favourite makeup look is the “Natural No Makeup Look.” I’m really minimal when it comes to makeup and love to keep things simple. I love peachy, nude and coral shades in summer. You can’t go wrong with a little peach blush, coral lips, mascara and highlighter.

7. What are your favorite makeup brands?

I’m crushing on Kosas makeup at the moment. The lipsticks are creamy, dreamy and divine. I’m actually obsessed with their coral/red lipstick.

8. What is on your nightstand at the moment?

I have the Lotus Wei face mists on my nightstand at the moment. I love their beautiful floral creations, the perfect way to end the day with a few sprays and feel relaxed.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Shah more as much as I did! Should I make the “Green Beauty Spotlight” a series on my blog? Let me know in the comments below!

– xo, Yenny