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PR Products: I am grateful and happy to accept PR products for review, however, I will only accept and write about brands / products that I feel that are in line with my personal ethos. Please note that products given to me for PR will not have any bearing on the unbiased nature of my reviews. All products are subject to the same level of scrutiny. Also, there is no guarantee that products sent to me will be reviewed on my blog or mentioned on any of my social media outlets. PR products that are gifted to me will be clearly marked as such.

Affiliate Links: In an effort to be as honest, genuine, and transparent as possible, I have decided to include only a few select affiliate links or codes on my blog for brands that I truly believe in. They may appear as a link or code shared in a post or as a banner somewhere on my blog. The (little) money that I made via these affiliate links / codes helps supplement the costs incurred while hosting and maintaining my blog, for photography equipment and props, etc.

Reviews: This is a personal blog, and my product reviews are entirely based on my experience with skincare products. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to products, so your experience could be very different to mine. Please bear this in mind when you read my reviews.

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